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Customs and Immigration Formalities
Norway does not require departure papers for yachts coming from the EU. In fact there are no exiting papers to get if you are coming from Sweden. We were told by the Customs Office in Bergen that no paperwork is required upon arrival for EU yachts and that there is no time limit for the yacht remaining in Norwegian waters. Although this is what was explained to us but is not necessarily correct and any yacht proceding to Norway should verify the situation for themselves. It seems that non-Scandinavian passports get 90 days stay without a visa every 180 days, EU passports apparently do not have any limit for staying within the country. One area of law that is not harmonised with the EU is that of liquor and tobacco. Like the rest of Scandinavia, the government runs an alcohol monopoly (Vinmonopolet) and taxes both alcohol and tobacco heavily. Further information regarding limits permitted to enter the country may be found at the Norwegian Customs website.



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